Beyond Black And Charcoal: The Modern Man’s Guide To Decorating With Color And Texture

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Beyond Black And Charcoal: The Modern Man’s Guide To Decorating With Color And Texture

Walk into your living room, ar at least imagine it. How is color well spread across the room?

Can you feel confident on the colors and textures that you’ve used in there? A common stereotype places men as blind colour.

This, they back with the fact that in any man’s cave are the basic colors only? Is this the case or is this a case of mistaken identity?

It could be that we are misdirected that certain colours are more masculine than others. It could also be the fact that we are less adventurous.

As a man I’ve never given much thought on how to mix colours, hues or textures and things naturally fall in place on their own.

There is good news… We can now upgrade our houses to spaces we will feel comfortable in. And this, needs no training or education. It needs no interior designer to achieve, just the will and ability to follow these tips.

To kick us off are colours not in the normal spectrum. These are colours we are fond of but we have no idea of how to utize them.

Addition of one or a mixture of them will maintain the masculine style but make your space cosy and classically stylish.

your living room
your living room
  1. Jewel Tones

These are vibrant and glowing colours deeper and richer than primary colours.

Basically colours of any gemstone. They put a stylish and masculine feel to the house. Examples include:

– Emerald Green

Adding pops of emarald green to a room makes it visually interesting.

-citrine and ruby

-Deep turquoise

A deep teal or turquoise contrasts well against woods that have gold or reddish undertones, like pine and cedar.


  1. Dusty Colors

To bring more rainbow colours in to your room in a more muted manner, go for dusty colors.

What’s more, you still have other tools to broaden your home’s color palette and visual appeal.


Don’t Forget About Texture

To attain a space with interesting texture, you have to pay attention to the material being used.

Cheap materials pay up in the quality of the final product.


Based on your preference and style of choice, different metals can work for you. For example:


Elements and fixtures in iron look great with industrial-inspired decor.


This warm, gently glowing metal works well for an eclectic, boho aesthetic.


A neutral golden tone that lends itself well to recreating that Mad Men, mid-century modern look.