How to choose the right cologne and how to apply it.

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How to choose the right cologne and how to apply it.

You can’t base  your choice of a cologne on Amazon  reviews. This is because the sense of smell is personal. If five people are told to smell a substance, they will all report different smells.

Your choice should be based on:

  1. Ingredients – lavender? Rose? Alcohol? Traditionally essential oils would be used. But there are other fragrances and ingredients used in the cologne-making process. Synthetic essential oils are majorly used of late. So look for fresh, aquatic, and citrusy notes if you’re just dipping your toe into scented waters. Notes of wood, leather, tobacco, and musk tend to be heavier.
  2. The fragrance wheel – Oriental, Woody, fresh, floral cologne in person – every one’s nose are unique. Also take time because of the top notes, heart notes, and base notes. Those are the layers and the order in which the smell from the scent comes out.

The sense of smell has the ability to create and invoke memories and emotional associations. Ever wondered why when you smell a specific type of perfume, a specific person comes to mind? Boom! Sense of smell magic.

We all don perfume or cologne for a number of reasons ranging from job interviews, date, or even just to stay cool.

Choosing a cologne is a personal thing but don’t overdo it otherwise your colleague will talk behind your back and find reason to avoid being in your presence.

So how do you wear a signature cologne and get heads turning in a positive way?

There is an entire planet of cologne you should know. But to build up the basics, you want to know how the cologne ends up in your bottle.

All perfumes/colognes are a combination on essential oils, synthetic ingredients (both make up the fragrance base) which are then diluted in alcohol or water. Without diluting, the fragrance base would smell nasty.

right cologne
right cologne

The dilution serves two purposes; soften the scent, as well as water down the cost.

So the next time you purchase a cologne, the cheaper it is, the more diluted it is.

Based on concentration we get;

  • Perfume – about 20-30% perfume essence.
  • Eau de parfum – about 15-20% perfume essence.
  • Eau de toilette – about 5-15% perfume. This is well diluted, hence one that you use.
  • Cologne, or eau de Cologne – approximately 2-4% perfume essence, colognes typically last around 2 hours.
  • Eau fraiche – about 1-3%. That’s the least amount actually. May last less than an hour on you.

Picking a scent you are comfortable with is a work of art, may seem simple and easy but it’s an uphill task.

After deciding on the cologne to buy, applying it perfectly is also a work of science to ensure you don’t get people sneering at you.

The stronger the cologne, the more sparing you may want to be with it. Mind the person who will hug you and maybe want to hold on to you for a minute.

Always try a few sprays on you before drenching yourself in the newly acquired cologne. Your body may over-amplify the cologne so it’s advisable to start small.

Did you know that one cologne would smell different on different people? Always apply a moisturizer before applying your scent.