5 Best wool shirts

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5 Best wool shirts

I can bet when you heard of wool, an itchy sweater. I can also bet the bleating of a sheep must have sounded somewhere in the distant world of your imagination.

Sheep were made for meat, the wool, and of course the other parts can be used for other purposes.

One thing is evident about cloth wear.

Any garment made in the USA is expensive. Cheaper alternatives are not made in the USA.

Problem is to make garments in the US is proving difficult now. Garment stores are no longer a viable business there.

Whether you are a businessman or an individual seeking to have the best wool shirt there can be, then walk with me.

Enough sizzle, let’s get to the steak…

5 Best wool shirts
5 Best wool shirts

1.      Pendleton Board Shirt ($149)

The one important aspect put into the creating of this shirt is the use of virgin wool. A virgin wool is water resistant, odourless and stain resistant.

This shirt will be a perfect compliment for your coveted rugged and refined boots.

Throwing it in the washing machine bears no harm to the shirt, and this is a thing you’ll do less often because wool naturally sheds odour.

This shirt is an envy of many.

2.      Wool & Prince Button-Down Shirt ($108)

Wool is superior to cotton.

This was a finding of Mac Bishop, whose father and grandfather worked in Pendleton. It’s out of frustration that he had to find an alternative for the cotton dress shirts which had a high maintenance cost and was short-lived.

His new innovation stood the test of time, and to prove it, he wore his 100% shirt for 100 days straight, that’s 3 months and some days, without ironing or cleaning.

This means if you have one of these, it will outlast all other shirts in your wardrobe.

3.      Icebreaker Pique Shirt Jacket ($170)

Icebreaker are a brand that focus on customer lifetime value. They have, for years, boasted of 95% repeat customers who’ve stayed loyal to the brand.


Super soft wool, well designed, well-made casual and athletic wear.

Their shirt is super flexible, tucked or untucked. It could also go with a pair of khaki shorts.

4.      Woolrich Made in USA Alaskan Shirt ($195)

Made in America, and using a mix of nylon and wool, Woolrich scored massive in this shirt.

The resultant look is casual and can also squeeze an official look. The official aspect is supported by the two button flap front pockets.

It is comfortable thanks to the box pleat.

It will give a husky, tough and fine look. It perfectly marries with a pair of jeans.

5.      Libertad Style + Performance Travel Shirt ($129)

Owing to the rich colours of the shirt and the fitting design, this shirt is perfect for travellers and casual look alike.

Made of 100% wool, its comfortability is beyond good.

The thing with all-wool shirts is the anti-wrinkle and water absorbing properties. Owning this will render the dry cleaner useless for a little while.

Donned with a blazer, the air awaits your gracious presence. Make this a must have when travelling of business to avoid looking shabby and losing out on potential business.