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When you wear a suit, you typically wear a tie. It’s a formal garment, so is the tie.

But you don’t always have to wear tie with a suit. Who the heck made this rules? After all rules exist to be broken.

There are definitely ways to loose the tie, dress down the suit and wear the suit more casually. And in this article we will look at those ways to loose the tie and still look sharp.

Loosing the tie could mean a total discard or a replacement. For replacement, Some accessories will help spice up the look and replace the tie; a watch, choice of shoes, and if you are an arm-band guy, go for it.

Five ways to wear a suit without a tie.

  1. Can I let you in on a secret? A White T-shirt Will always Look Splendid without A tie.

Don’t say I never told you. In fact, all plain colours can do this but a white one really gives a relaxed vibe. This is a way that many guys use to wear a suit without a tie. In fact if you google suit without a tie, a majority of the images will look very similar.

Navy suit with a white shirt, for some reason that’s the go-to.

Just remember, to make this outfit work,

The suit should be in a weave fabric as is the shirt. It adds some texture to it giving the suit a casual feel.

If you want to wear suit without a tie, do a button-up shirt and unbutton one button to add a casual and relaxed vibe.

  1. With A Turtleneck.

The first way to lose the tie is to lose it with the shirt, in this look you swap the shirt and tie with a turtleneck. The turtleneck gives the suit a completely different feel and you should try this out sometime. This look is elegant.

Just a tip, let the turtleneck colour be a fadeout of the suit.

  1. Summer look.

As said earlier, without a shirt, you won’t need a tie. Replacing a shirt with a plain colour t-shirt gives a classy-man look.

Black t-shirts carry this trick a notch higher by going with any colour of suit.

Reason I have named it a summer look is because with some shades over your eyes, its beach time babe…

  1. Classic look

This is called classic for a reason. A suit with a checked shirt with the colour button unbuttoned. A checked shirt speaks authority and standard.

This is a unique and a little unexpected since it uses a bolder shirt. This add to ankle soaks in loafer shoes, and you set for the concert.

The casual feel here can’t be emphasized enough.

  1. Sporty Henry

This is a rather unique look here. For one, you are donning your suit with sneakers. This outfit is a sportier look than the rest.

It also shouts your presence and if you are looking for influence, you got packaged as an influence in there.